From the May 27, 1964, Fitchburg Sentinel.

"Fortier Wins Club Play Championship"

"Robert Fortier was the winner of the fourth annual Wachusett Chess Club championship tournament recently at the First Parish Church hall.

A longtime member of the club and a veteran campaigner of the chess wars, Fortier took the title by scoring a win in every round. He defeated Gary McMaster, John Godin, Hugo Jamnback, Lester Garbicz and Hannes Taavela.

Fortier won his final match by default when Taavela failed to keep score of all the moves of both players required under Rules 33 and 34 of the "Official Blue Book and Encyclopedia of Chess," under which the tournament was played.

Garbicz, a high honor student at Fitchburg High School, won the Class A championship with four wins and one loss, defeating Paul Godin, Howard Surrette, Taavela and Evert Siiskonen. Garbicz's loss was to Fortier.

Surrette, playing weaker opponents, had a record of four wins and one loss.

Larry Lamsa was the winner of the Class B title with three wins and two losses. His father, Toivo, is secretary of the club.

Ralph Lewis, librarian-historian of the club, took the Class C championship. A supervisor at the post office here, Lewis took three games and lost two.

President Rocco Pasquale directed the tournament, assisted by Garbicz.

The tournament was a five-round Swiss-type play with the New Harkness Pairing System being used."