Event Summary
Event JAN BLITZ DOUBLE RR 2014  (201401133232)
Location KEENE, NH  03431  
Event Date(s) 2014-01-13
Sponsoring Affiliate KNIGHTS CHESS CLUB  (A6028060)
Chief  TD THOMAS CASSAR  (12817388)
Chf. Assist. TD VINCENT A BRADLEY III  (12896953)
Processed Received: 2014-01-19   Entered: 2014-01-19   Rated: 2014-01-19
Stats 1 Section(s),  10 Players
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Section 1 - OPEN
Section Date(s) 2014-01-13
Processed Received: 2014-01-19   Entered: 2014-01-19   Rated: 2014-01-19 Re-Rated: 2014-01-21
Stats 18 Rounds,  10 Players;  K Factor: F  Rating Sys: B  Tnmt Type: R
Time Control: G/5;d2
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