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January 17th, 2018

Players receive half-point byes for round 3 due to snow

♝ Receiving half-point byes were: Paul Godin, Roger Cappallo, Bruce Felton, Larry Gladding, Ray Paulson, Arthur Barlas,
Gary Brassard, Ralph McNeilage, Dave Couture, Jim Donahue, Ritvik Pulya, Harry Richardson, Geoff LePoer, George Mirijanian,
Ken Gurge, Paul Lynch, Dave Thomas, Mike Meehan, Vince Premus, Bill Burke, Jim Hankard, Mike Commisso, Bob Mathieu,
Larry O'Rourke, John Bastarache, Raaga Pulya, Diego Ubiera, Ed Harris, Tom Fratturelli, Nik Lavoie, Don Briggs, Gail Lingner,
Brian Biglow, Hugh McLaughlin, Andrew Kiser, Emily Gawboy, James Petullo, & Don Ostrowski.
♙ Rob King, Alan Condon, Wayne Steadman and Francis Scanlon were withdrawn from the tournament.

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 17th, 2018
2.5Godin, Cappallo, Felton, Gladding
2.0Paulson, Barlas, Brassard, McNeilage, Couture, Donahue, Ri. Pulya, Richardson
1.5LePoer, Mirijanian, Gurge, Lynch, Thomas, Meehan, Premus, Burke, Hankard, Commisso, Mathieu,
O'Rourke, Bastarache, Ra. Pulya
1.0Ubiera, Harris, Fratturelli, Lavoie, Briggs
0.5Lingner, Biglow, McLaughlin, Kiser, Gawboy, Petullo, Ostrowski

Projected Round 4 Pairings for January 24th:

Board #: [White] vs. [Black]
1 Bruce Felton (2.5) Paul Godin (2.5) 2 Roger Cappallo (2.5) Larry Gladding (2.5) 3 Ralph McNeilage (2.0) Ray Paulson (2.0) 4 Jim Donahue (2.0) Arthur Barlas (2.0) 5 Dave Couture (2.0) Gary Brassard (2.0) 6 Harry Richardson (2.0) George Mirijanian (1.5) 7 Ken Gurge (1.5) Michael Commisso (1.5) 8 Jim Hankard (1.5) Paul Lynch (1.5) 9 Bob Mathieu (1.5) Dave Thomas (1.5) 10 Larry O'Rourke (1.5) Mike Meehan (1.5) 11 John Bastarache (1.5) Diego Ubiera (1.0) 12 Tom Fratturelli (1.0) Ed Harris (1.0) 13 Don Briggs (1.0) Vince Premus (1.0) 14 Gail Lingner (0.5) Nik Lavoie (1.0) 15 Brian Biglow (0.5) Emily Gawboy (0.5) 16 James Petullo (0.5) Hugh McLaughlin (0.5) 17 Andrew Kiser (0.5) Don Ostrowski (0.5)

♗ Requesting a half-point byes for Round 4 are Geoff Lepoer, William Burke, Ritvik Pulya, & Raaga Pulya.

REMINDER: Players must be present in Room C159 by by 7:10 P.M. in order to be paired for Round 4 on January 24th.
Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P.M.

January 16th, 2018
Wachusett CC closed this week!

Because Fitchburg State University will be closed Wednesday, here's what we are going to do:
But instead of eliminating the round, we will give half-point byes to everyone for Round 3
except the following players (whom I am withdrawing from the tournament):
Rob King, Alan Condon, Wayne Steadman and Francis Scanlon. -GM

January 15th, 2018

Former Wachusett CC member Richard D. Chromiak dies at 22

Richard D. Chromiak

Richard "Richie" Dmytro Chromiak of Leominster, a former member of the Wachusett Chess Club and the U.S. Chess Federation, died on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2017. He was only 22. He was the son of Stephan and Marylee Chromiak. His father had also been a member of the Wachusett CC. Richard and his father were members of the Wachusett CC between May 2009 and April 2010. Richard played in nine club tournaments during that time. They included the 2009 Wachusett Chess Club Championship ("B" Division), Harlow Daly Memorial, Tigran Petrosian Memorial, Hervey R. Brisson Memorial, Arthur Bisguier Octogenarian Tournament, George Sturgis Memorial, Reggie Boone Memorial, George O'Rourke Memorial, and the Wachusett Chess Club Championship Prelims. Among current club members he faced were Ken Gurge, Lenny Arsenault, Tom Fratturelli, Wayne Steadman, Brian Biglow and Francis Scanlon. He had a win and a draw against Scanlon, and a win against Biglow.

A memorial service for Richard D. Chromiak will be held Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 at 10 a.m. in Grace Baptist Church, 42 River Road, Pepperell, MA 01463, on Saturday, January 27, 2018, at 10:00 am. Reception immediately following the service.

Richard's obituary is published at:

-George M

January 13th, 2018
Instructional video #3 from Rob King

NM Rob King has posted another instructional video on YouTube as part of the
Metrowest Chess Club Video Series:
Fischer - Benko, 1963
Check it out / share if you would like.

January 10th, 2018
2018 Reggie Boone Memorial
Round 2 of 5

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 10th, 2018
Round 2 of 5 Results
Paul Godin 1-0Ken Gurge
Paul Lynch 0-1Roger Cappallo
Dave Thomas 0-1Bruce Felton
Arthur Barlas 1/2-1/2Dave Couture
Mike Meehan 0-1Larry Gladding
Gary Brassard 1/2-1/2Ritvik Pulya
Diego Ubiera 0-1♔ Jim Donahue
Ralph McNeilage 1-0Tom Fratturelli
Ed Harris 0-1♔ Harry Richardson
Geoff LePoer 1-0Don Briggs
Bill Burke 1-0Brian Biglow
Hugh McLaughlin 0-1Jim Hankard
Mike Commisso 1-0Andrew Kiser
♔ Raaga Pulya 1-0Gail Lingner
Bob Mathieu 1-0Emily Gawboy
Larry O'Rourke 1-0James Petullo
John Bastarache 1-0Don Ostrowski
Total of 17 boards, 3 major upsets ().

♝ Receiving half-point byes were Ray Paulson, Rob King, George Mirijanian, Vince Premus, Alan Condon,
Wayne Steadman, Francis Scanlon and Nik Lavoie.
♙ Tom Whistler withdrew from the tournament.

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 10th, 2018
2.0Godin, Cappallo, Felton, Gladding
1.5Paulson, Barlas, Brassard, McNeilage, Couture, Donahue, Ri. Pulya, Richardson
1.0King, LePoer, Mirijanian, Gurge, Lynch, Thomas, Meehan, Premus, Burke, Condon, Hankard, Commisso, Mathieu, O'Rourke,
Bastarache, Steadman, Scanlon, Ra. Pulya
0.5Ubiera, Harris, Fratturelli, Lavoie, Briggs
0.0Lingner, Biglow, McLaughlin, Kiser, Gawboy, Petullo, Ostrowski

Projected Round 3 Pairings for January 17th:

Board #: [White] vs. [Black]
Board 1: Felton vs. Godin Board 2: Cappallo vs. Gladding Board 3: Couture vs. Paulson Board 4: Donahue vs. Barlas Board 5: Richardson vs. Brassard Board 6: Ri. Pulya vs. McNeilage Board 7: King vs. O'Rourke Board 8: Hankard vs. LePoer Board 9: Mirijanian vs. Commisso Board 10: Gurge vs. Mathieu Board 11: Condon vs. Lynch Board 12: Bastarache vs. Thomas Board 13: Steadman vs. Meehan Board 14: Ra. Pulya vs. Burke Board 15: Fratturelli vs. Ubiera Board 16: Briggs vs. Harris Board 17: Lingner vs. Lavoie Board 18: Biglow vs. Gawboy Board 19: Petullo vs. McLaughlin Board 20: Kiser vs. Ostrowski

REMINDER: Players must be present in Room C159 by by 7:10 P.M. in order to be paired for Round 3 on January 17th.
Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P.M.

January 8th, 2018

Former Wachusett CC member Dean E. Turra dies at 62

Dean E. Turra

Dean E. Turra, a USCF life member and a former member of the Wachusett Chess Club, died Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018, at his home in Fitchburg. He was 62. Born Oct. 22, 1955 in Shirley, Mass., the son of Frank and Josephine (Bartolo) Turra, he graduated from Ayer High School in 1973. Dean served in the U.S. Army from 1975 to 1978. During that time, he became chess champion at Fort Meade in Maryland. While serving in the Army, he enrolled in the University of Maryland and continued his education at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduating from UMass-Amherst in 1982 with a degree in business, Dean joined the Wachusett Chess Club, which at that time was meeting at the St. Joseph Club in the Cleghorn section of Fitchburg. Dean became one of the most active members of the club during the 1980s and continued playing there right into the early 1990s. His last tournament at the club was the Wachusett CC Fall Swiss, held October-November 1992. His last over-the-board tournament was the Nashoba Chess Club July Swiss, held in Westford, Mass. in 1995. While playing at the Wachusett CC, Dean was a key member of the Wachusett CC team that narrowly lost a 14-board match to the Framingham Chess Club on April 2, 1985 at the American Legion in Framingham. Outrated on 11 of 14 boards, the Wachusett CC team lost 7.5 to 6.5, with Dean scoring a crucial win on board 8.

A funeral Mass for Dean Turra will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11, at St. Mary's Church, 31 Shirley St., Ayer. Burial will follow in the parish cemetery. Dean's family will receive family and friends 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11, at the Anderson Funeral Home, 25 Fitchburg Road, Ayer. For more information, visit: http://www.andersonfuneral.com/?s=Turra

-George M

January 3rd, 2018
2018 Reggie Boone Memorial
Round 1 of 5

Ritvik Pulya opens new year with another big upset!

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 3rd, 2018
Round 1 of 5 Results
Ray Paulson 1-0Bill Burke
Jim Hankard 0-1Paul Godin
Roger Cappallo 1-0Mike Commisso
♔ Ritvik Pulya 1-0Geoff LePoer
Bruce Felton 1-0Bob Mathieu
Nik Lavoie 0-1Arthur Barlas
Larry Gladding 1-0Larry O'Rourke
Brian Biglow 0-1Gary Brassard
Ken Gurge 1-0John Bastarache
♖ Don Briggs 1/2-1/2Ralph McNeilage
Paul Lynch 1-0Hugh McLaughlin
Emily Gawboy 0-1Dave Thomas
Dave Couture 1-0Raaga Pulya
Don Ostrowski 0-1Mike Meehan
Total of 14 boards,
1 major upset (♔ ♕) 1 upset draw ()

♝ Receiving half-point byes were Rob King, Diego Ubiera, George Mirijanian, Vince Premus,
Alan Condon, Jim Donahue, Tom Fratturelli, Harry Richardson, Wayne Steadman, Francis Scanlon, and Tom Whistler.
♖ Not playing round 1 were Gail Lingner, Andrew Kiser, and James Petullo.

Reggie Boone Memorial, January 3rd, 2018
1.0Paulson, Godin, Cappallo, Felton, Barlas, Gladding, Brassard, Gurge, Lynch, Thomas, Couture, Meehan, Ri. Pulya
0.5King, Ubiera, Mirijanian, McNeilage, Premus, Condon, Donahue, Fratturelli, Richardson, Steadman, Briggs, Scanlon,
0.0LePoer, Burke, Hankard, Commisso, Lingner, Mathieu, Lavoie, O'Rourke, Biglow, Bastarache, McLaughlin, Kiser, Gawboy, Ra.
Pulya, Petullo, Ostrowski

Projected Round 2 Pairings for January 10th:

Board #: [White] vs. [Black]
Board 1: Godin vs. Gurge Board 2: Lynch vs. Cappallo Board 3: Thomas vs. Felton Board 4: Barlas vs. Couture Board 5: Meehan vs. Gladding Board 6: Brassard vs. Ri. Pulya Board 7: Fratturelli vs. King Board 8: Ubiera vs. Richardson Board 9: Steadman vs. Mirijanian Board 10: McNeilage vs. Scanlon Board 11: Condon vs. Briggs Board 12: Whistler vs. Donahue Board 13: LePoer vs. Biglow Board 14: Burke vs. Kiser Board 15: Bastarache vs. Hankard Board 16: Commisso vs. Gawboy Board 17: McLaughlin vs. Lingner Board 18: Mathieu vs. Petullo Board 19: Ra. Pulya vs. Lavoie Board 20: O'Rourke vs. Ostrowski

♗ Ray Paulson and Vince Premus are requesting half-point byes for Round 2.
♙ The Wachusett Chess Club welcomes new player, Don Ostrowski (Ph.D) of Fitchburg, a senior advisor and lecturer in social studies at Harvard University Extension School, where he teaches world history.
Don also serves on the Fitchburg Historical Commission and was a member years ago of the Reading (Pennsylvania) Chess Club. Welcome Don!

REMINDER: Players must be present in Room C159 by by 7:10 P.M. in order to be paired for Round 2 on January 10th.
Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P.M.

Reminder: Your digital electronic chess clock doesn't like the cold either!

"In surface-mount designs, the differential temperature coefficient of expansion between the parts-soldered-to-the-circuit-board and the circuit board can cause large stresses. The stress-strain-temperature relationship often barely works over the specified temperature range. When the equipment is powered up, the hot components can change shape and break the brittle plastic, much like my old ice chest."

"If the equipment is below zero degrees C [32 degrees F] and then you take it into a nice warm, humid office, water will condense on the circuit boards and can cause problems. Presumably a similar thing can happen with frost, depending on the weather. When the frost melts, there can be problems."
For more info, refer to:
Storing electronics at low temperatures
Operating electronics at low temperatures

Most electronic chess clocks are difficult &/or expensive to repair, so don't leave your clock in your car overnight!

January 1st, 2018
Ratings in effect for Reggie Boone Memorial (Jan. 3, 2018)

  ♔   ♛   ♖   ♝   ♘   ♞   ♗   ♜   ♕   ♚     Ratings in effect for
the 2018 Reggie Boone Memorial tournament:
1Rob King 2220
2Brett Kildahl 2129
3Diego Ubiera 2008
4Ray Paulson 2002
5Paul Godin 1961
6Roger Cappallo 1956
7Geoff LePoer 1955
8George Mirijanian 1929
9Bruce Felton 1864
10Arthur Barlas 1826
11Larry Gladding 1813
12Vlad Gaciu 1777
13Gary Brassard 1769
14Ken Gurge 1769
15Ralph McNeilage 1756
16Paul Lynch 1710
17Dave Thomas 1708
18Dave Couture 1703
19Mike Meehan 1678
20Vince Premus 1676
21Bill Burke 1663
22Lenny Arsenault 1631
23Alan Condon 1605
24Roland Booker 1600
25Jim Hankard 1600
26Mike Commisso 1582
27Jim Donahue 1579
28Tom Fratturelli 1542
29Gail Lingner 1507
30Ritvik Pulya 1505
31Bob Mathieu 1487
32Harry Richardson 1448
33Larry O'Rourke 1405
34Brian Biglow 1400
35John Bastarache 14000
36Randy McLaughlin 1371
37Wayne Steadman 1326
38Don Briggs 1316
39Hugh McLaughlin 1208
40Andrew Kiser 1144
41Francis Scanlon 1077
42Emily Gawboy 1070
43Tom Whistler 1047
44Raaga Pulya 613
45James Petullo 515

January 1st, 2018
John Curdo reissues "Chess Caviar" series of 3 books.

Each book contains 100 instructive insightful & entertaining mineature games by FM John Curdo, arguably New England's most successful & prolific practioner of the game.
"Chess Caviar" - 100 games with notes & annotations by John Curdo - $10.
"More Chess Caviar" by John Curdo - 100 more games with notes & annotations by John Curdo - $10.
"Still More Chess Caviar" by John Curdo - yet another 100 games with notes & annotations by John Curdo - $10.

"A necessary & welcome component of any chess library!"
Any or all of these books may be purchased directly from John Curdo at jacurdo@verizon.net.