♕  "Fitchburg, site of the simul, is a mill town which, perhaps due to organizers like George Mirijanian, was quite wild about chess. As I recall, Fischer had
asked for as many boards as possible. There was not enough room for the overflow crowd and it was so enthusiastic about seeing a possible world champion that,
when Fischer erred against me, and a move later graciously resigned, the crowd bore me out of the room on its shoulders! I've never seen that in chess."
-Harold B. Dondis  ♕

"In the 35 years of its existence, the chess column has published more than 3,000 games, most of them annotated, for its readers. The main focus of the column, however, is reporting on local chess news, especially news of the local chess club, scholastic chess tournaments, regional tournaments, etc."
  -George Mirijanian, 2004

Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise Newspaper Articles

Almost since its inception, & with some notable gaps, the Wachusett Chess Club has provided a steady stream of weekly press releases to the Fitchburg Sentinel & Leominster Enterprise or its predecessor, the Fitchburg Sentinel for publication. These articles are available at the Fitchburg Public Library as part of their microfilm archive. Some of these clippings have been unearthed over the years & converted to .PDF viewable files. As they become available, they will be added to this web site as part of the WCC legacy archive.

In addition to commentary about the progress of the rated club tournaments, crosstables, game scores, new members, etc. these clippings also contain announcements of other specific WCC events such as simultaneous exhibitions & Central New England Open tournaments. As such, many of them will also be linked under their respective associated categories as supporting documentation.

They will be presented here in chronological order with summaries or headlines for browsing by topical subject matter.

The clippings are posted here as .PDF files which are readable using Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at:

♙ ♘ ♗ ♖ ♕ ♔         Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise Clippings         ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
1977 June 7Central N.E. Open, June 11-12, at the Holiday Inn 17th Central N.E. Chess Championship Set For Weekend
1976 June 21John Curdo, 16-year-old Girome Bono, GM Leonid Shamkovich Central New England Chess Tournament Held
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
1973 November 20Montachusett Chess Association, John CurdoFall Chess Tourney Held In Leominster
1973 February 21Leasure, Burris, Mirijanian, Gerzadowicz, Thomas, Siiskonen, JakobowiczChess Club Players Given USCF Ratings
1973 January 4Phil Leasure Simul @ Fitchburg YMCALeasure Battles 23 Chess Challengers
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
1964 December 3Curdo Simul, First Parish Church hall, Upper Common, on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 8:00 PMCurdo Plays Chess Here Wednesday
1963 June 8 Central N. E. Open, VFW hallChess Tourney Planned Here
1963 April 11Central N. E. Chess Tourney, Raymond W. Fortin, J. C. LeBlanc, & Vince PurcellCHESS TOURNEY OFFICIALS
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline
♔ Date♔ Topic♔ Headline