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♔ Wachusett Chess Club Champions ♕

(L to r: Rob King, Bruce Felton, Paul Godin, Roger Cappallo, Larry Gladding, George Mirijanian, Ray Paulson, Frank Hacker)

Every year (except for 2020) since its inception in 1960, the Wachusett Chess Club has held a special tournament to decide the club champion. The formats & time controls for these tournaments have varied widely from open Swiss style tournaments ranging up to as many 12 rounds to restricted round robin style contests preceded either by qualifying tournaments or selective criteria such as a minimum number of games played in a given season, or a "grand prix" style qualification encompassing all the regular weekly tournaments of that season.

Often times the club will hold a secondary "B" or "consolation" tournament cotemporaneously with the primary championship so that players not qualifying for the championship may also play a rated event. In the recent past, these consolation tournaments have been characterized by a field nearly as strong as the championship section.

Wachusett Chess Club Champions

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There are no official USCF records before 1992.
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Year Champion Rating Score X-Table Story
2023Ray Paulson18995.5-1.5202310182072.1Current
2022Brett Kildahl21466-0202210198052.0Story
2021Ray Paulson19816.5-0.5201906263402.1Story
2019Bruce Felton19146.5-0.5201906263402.1Story
2018Roger Cappallo/Gary Brassard1981/17325.5-1.5201806276062.1Co-Champs
2017Ray Paulson19566.5-0.5201706288582.2Story
2016Ray Paulson/Roger Cappallo2037/19464.5-0.5201606299322Co-Champs
2015George Mirijanian19718-020150701452217th Time
2014Carissa Yip21437-02014061824021st Female
2013George Mirijanian19605-220130612595216th Time
2012Trevor Bierig17226-0201206209422.0Story
2011Robert King20388-1201106293351.0Story
2010Tony Cesolini18845.5-1.5201006161361.0Story
2009Larry Gladding17414-1200904300291Story
2008Martin Laine18225.5-1.5200806252481Story
2007George Mirijanian19006-1200706275881Story
2006George Mirijanian19315.5-1.5200606211111Story
2005George Mirijanian/Bruce Felton1945/18725-2200506159961Story
2004Bruce Felton18406-1200406091390Story
2003Phil Leasure19706-1200306252440Story
2002Dave Allard18005.5-1.5200206126890Story
2001Allan Bennett23056-1200106201070Story
2000Allan Bennett22868.5-0.5200006282880Story
1999Geoff LePoer14656-1199906302530Story
1998George Mirijanian/Larry Gladding1965/17906.5-0.5199807083250Story
1997George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1996Victor Solanki999900-00#Story
1995Allan Bennett999900-00#Story
1994Allan Bennett999900-00#Story
1993Allan Bennett22537-1199306237840.0Story
1992Dave Allard/Larry Gladding1880/18766-1199207017790.1Story
1991George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1990George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1989Erik von Rosenvinge/Lee Denis2122/19026-1/6-1#CH Sep-Oct89
1988Kevin Caefer999900-00#Story
1987Phil Leasure999900-00#Story
1986Phil Leasure999900-00#Story
1985Brian Warnock22928.5-0.5850630239Story
1984George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1983Steve Courtemanche/George Mirijanian/Tom Weidemanxxxx0-0#Story
1982George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1981George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1980George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1979George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1978George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1977George Mirijanian999900-00#Story
1976Steve Nelson999900-00#Story
1975Brian Warnock999900-00#Story
1974Stephan Gerzadowicz999900-00#Story
1973Stephan Gerzadowicz999900-00#Story
1972Phil Leasure999900-00#Story
1971Phil Leasure999900-00#Story
1970Phil Leasure999900-00#Story
1969Robert McWilliams999900-00#Story
1968Rocco Pasquale999900-00#Story
1967Paul Godin141700-00#Story
1966Evert Siiskonen999900-00#Story
1965Lester Garbicz999911-1#FS 26May1965
1964Robert Fortier17335-0#FS 27May1964
1963Evert Siiskonen999900-00#Story
1962Vince Purcell999900-00#Story
1961Joe Ballarino999900-00#Story
1960Frank Hacker999900-00#Story

Wachusett Chess Club "B" Champions

Whenever qualifying criteria are used to limit entries to the Club Championship,
a second tournament is held simultaneously consisting of players who did not qualify for the main Championship.
The fields of contenders in these "B" or "Consolation" Championships are often nearly as strong as those in the "A" Championship.
In 1992, there was also a "C Division". Those results are listed on the same link as the "B Division".
Year Champion Rating Score X-Table Story
2021Jim Donahue16594.5-2.5201906263402.1Current
2019George Mirijanian, Gary Brassard,
Mike Commisso, Don Ostrowski
2018Michael David14615.5-1.5201806276062.1Story
2017Rob King22196.5-0.5201706288582Story
2016Larry Gladding17575-0201606299342Story
2015Tony Cesolini20224.5-0.5201507014502Story
2014Roger Cappallo19656-1201406182392Story
2013Anil Marthi19236.5-0.5201306125332Story
2012Carissa Yip17515.5-1.5201206209422.2Story
2011Tom Fratturelli/Brian Biglow1551/15146.5-2.5201106293351.2Story
2010Martin Laine/Dave Couture1807/17975.5-1.5201006161361.2Story
2009Eduardo Valadares15266-1200906246161.2Story
2008Larry Gladding18175.5-1.5200806170871Story
2007Paul Giovino17395.5-1.5200706275921Story
2006Gary Brassard/Paul Giovino1734/17335.5-1.5200606211121Story
2005Paul Giovino17136-1200506152861Story
2004Paul Giovino(1)/Larry Gladding(2)17644.5/5-0200406302110Story
2003George Mirijanian19003.5-0.5200305074940Story
2002Bruce Felton16564.5-0.5200205220550Story
2001Tom Fratturelli15665-0200105096260Story
2000Roland Booker III16266.5-0.5200006281560Story
1999Roland Booker III16666-0199907142020Story
1998Top Player999900-00#Story
1997Top Player999900-00#Story
1996Top Player999900-00#Story
1995Top Player999900-00#Story
1994Top Player999900-00#Story
1993Ryan E. Smith14445-2199306237840.2Story
1992Kieth Kessman, Gail Lingner,
Dennis Cote, ("C" Ray Fortier)
1677/1625/1500 (1405)3-1199207017790.2Story
1991Top Player999900-00#Story
1990Top Player999900-00#Story
1989Lenny Arsenault ("C" Robert Anderson)1624 (1489)5.5-1.5 (7-0)#CH Sep-Oct89
1988Top Player999900-00#Story
1987Top Player999900-00#Story
1986Top Player999900-00#Story
1985Roland D. Booker19266.0-2.0850630240Story
1984Top Player999900-00#Story
1983Steve Courtemanche/George Mirijanian/Tom Weidemanxxxx0-0#Story
1982Top Player999900-00#Story
1981Top Player999900-00#Story
1980Top Player999900-00#Story
1979Top Player999900-00#Story
1978Top Player999900-00#Story
1977Top Player999900-00#Story
1976Top Player999900-00#Story
1975Top Player999900-00#Story
1974Top Player999900-00#Story
1974Top Player999900-00#Story
1972Top Player999900-00#Story
1971Top Player999900-00#Story
1970Top Player999900-00#Story
1969Top Player999900-00#Story
1968Top Player999900-00#Story
1967Top Player999900-00#Story
1966Top Player999900-00#Story
1965Top Player999900-00#Story
1964Top Player999900-00#Story
1964Top Player999900-00#Story
1962Top Player999900-00#Story
1961Top Player999900-00#Story
1960Top Player999900-00#Story

WCC Quick Chess Champions

Since 2005, the USCF had compiled & published "Quick Chess" ratings. In most of those years, the WCC has held Quick Chess Championship Tournaments. In some of the other years, the WCC has held Quick Chess events, but none recorded as the "Championship". The time controls for these tournaments is either G/15 or G/25 with a few seconds delay. Ratings shown in this section are Quick Chess ratings.
Year Champion Quick Rating Score X-Table Story
2016Paul Godin19914.5-0.5201602101872Current
2015Paul Godin/Tony Cesolini/Ray Paulson/Gary Brassard1956/1850/1800/17384-1201503255982Story
2014 (no quick championship event held)
2013Paul Godin19744.5-0.5201302068302Story
2012Arthur Barlas17714.5-0.5201202082392Story
2011 (no quick championship event held)
2010Tony Cesolini17394-0201006235261Story
2009Bruce Felton17544.5-0.5200903258581Story
2008George Mirijanian19454-0200802066261Story
2007 (no quick championship event held)
2006Bruce Felton17254.5-0.5200606281131Story
2005George Mirijanian19255-0200504279941Story
2004 (no quick championship event held)
2003 (no quick championship event held)
2002 (no quick championship event held)
2001 (no quick championship event held)
2000 (no quick championship event held)

WCC Blitz Chess Champions

Since 2005, the USCF had compiled & published "Blitz Chess" ratings. In most of those years, the WCC has held Blitz Chess Championship Tournaments. In some of the other years, the WCC may have held Blitz Chess events, but none recorded as the "Championship". The time control for these tournaments is G/5 with no delay. Ratings shown in this section are Blitz Chess ratings.
Year Champion Blitz Rating Score X-Table Story
2016Rob King19777.0-0.0201603234052Current
2015 (no blitz championship event held)
2014 (no blitz championship event held)
2013Bruce Felton19305.5-1.52013061975022013
2012 (no blitz championship event held)
2011 (no blitz championship event held)
2010 (no blitz championship event held)
2009 (no blitz championship event held)
2008 (no blitz championship event held)
2007 (no blitz championship event held)
2006 (no blitz championship event held)
2005 (no blitz championship event held)
2004 (no blitz championship event held)
2003 (no blitz championship event held)
2002 (no blitz championship event held)
2001 (no blitz championship event held)
2000 (no blitz championship event held)